Happily-ever-after is my drug of choice.Not that I won’t read or watch a sad story (now and then), but I crave happy endings.I love Jane Austen, Cinderella stories, and 1930s screwball comedies.(Think An AFFAIR TO REMEMBER or WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING).Since real life has a way of being tough enough, I write sweet, quirky contemporary romances to take the edge off.

What you will find in my stories:

1.Sweet quirky romance.

2.Very little swearing.There may be an occasional hell or damn, maybe even a b*tch, but there will be no Lord’s name in vain and no f-bombs.

3.No explicit sex scenes.Characters might discuss sex, but any love scenes are off screen (Think AFRICAN QUEEN).

4.No vampires.At least, not yet.