Originally published by HarperCollins, “To Make Men Free” is what the author describes as “unfiction.” There are no fictitious events or characters (sorry, Rhett and Scarlett). “History is an action/adventure tale,” Croker says, “Generally told with the action and adventure taken out. All I do is put it back.”
It was 150 years ago that President Abraham Lincoln anguished over the issue of ending slavery in America once and for all time. It was in the fall of 1862 that two magnificent armies collided in a small Maryland town in a battle that remains to this day the bloodiest single day in American history. These are the stories of brave Americans on both sides who fought the Battle of Antietam to settle that all-important issue.

"Documentary filmmaker Croker skillfully fictionalizes a meticulously researched account of the battle, the campaign that preceded it and its momentous political fallout that is more comprehensive than many nonfiction treatments.
His combination of period detail, gripping battle scenes and psychological insight bring the epic to life.”

“A Capable imaging of America’s bloodiest battle... Croker delivers a tale that would make Bruce Catton and Shelby Foote proud… A solid debut…well researched and delivered.”