Highly recommended book on Tibetan Mastiff Puppies & DogsStep by Step Book... care, health, diet, training, behavior and moreDiscover everything you need to know about these beautiful dogs

Susan Shaw revealsHow to select the perfect puppy and what you should look out for.Important questions to ask and what they should give youThe steps you should take in training a Tibetan Mastiff.What health problems you should look out for (and importantly what to do about them)Best ways to keep them happy and healthy for lifeWhat so many people get wrong about their diet and whats best for your Tibetan MastiffA popular chew you should avoid - it could harm your dogHow to correct bad behaviour quickly
and so much more.
It answers all the important questions about owning a Tibetan Mastiff....What readers say

"We are just about to purchase a Tibetan Mastiff and I'm so glad I found your book first. It proved really useful in helping to select a lovely healthy puppy!" R. Thomson

"Thank you for writing such a detailed book on Tibetan Mastiff. I love these dogs and it's rare to find such a concise source of information in one place. ...Great book" S. Moore

"This book proved to be incredibly valuable after we bought our gorgeous new Tibetan Mastiff home. Loads of ideas and tips" B. Mitchel

If you own a Tibetan Mastiff or are considering one in the future this really is a must read book. It beautifully summarizes a wealth of information in an easy to understand way. You'll come away an expert and perfectly understand this unique breed of dog. Highly recommended

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