A great book for fans of DragonHeart, but also a wonderful way for fans of movies in general to understand the process that goes along behind the scenes.The photography is very detailed and the images are simply beautiful, reflecting the beauty of the set and movie itself.There is an art quality to the layout as well, giving an almost scrapbook feel to the pages as you read; textured and occasionally dimensional images and larger, highlighted quotes from within the book are set into pages where the actual text wraps beautifully around to accommodate them.

The only part of this book that was not captivating was that in some parts the "play-by-play" feel of the telling of production or post production took a little away from what had already been written.Suddenly I found myself wanting to move along through the explanation of a scene rather than actually read it.Fans of the movie might find this and the description of scenes they already know well to be a bit tedious.

Overall, this is a very interesting read that actually inspired my own creativity and rekindled my love for the DragonHeart universe.