Lieutenant Jake Mercer, an expert at criminal profiling, takes on a case of bizarre Crucifixion murders in California.This police procedural thriller was fast paced—made even more so by the excellent characterization.Mercer is a flawed man—belligerent, semi-alcoholic—and through it all he is able to put it all out for his job, seeing the murders by putting himself in the place (and mind) of the killer (s).Rollo has crafted a "hero" in him that I was instantly drawn to.His flaws, in fact, are what make him so "human".

Paired up with rookie cops Bello and Riley, he takes this bizarre case through the eyes of the killer, leading us through enough twists to keep you guessing (well, for me at any rate) nearly 3/4 of the way through.

A solid story, and I hope to see more feature Lieutenant Mercer in the future.