I can see why Willa DNF'ed this book but for some absurd reason even when I found the book icky, I enjoyed it, if that makes any sense, I guess you can call this my bodice-ripper phase which I never went through since I don't read historicals.

I did find the hero Grant, too pushy and possesive and the fact that the heroine was a virgin after three broken engagements stood out, but still despite my quibbles the book was funny, not that it was humorous, just intense.

The heroine is three years older and completely oblivious to the fact that the hero doesn't see her as a sister and instead has been in love with her for ages, burning with jealousy seeing her with other, trying to find excuses to touch her, as well as is customary finding other women to make him forget her, but when she sees him naked once to her horror she finds her feelings are changing and she does her level best to fight them, but the hero catches on to this, and goes on the hunt because from a hopeless situation, he now smells an opportunity to get all he ever wanted.

He doesn't think or care about what others think but that isn't easy for the heroine, for whom his parents are her parents since they took her in after she lost everything. She is terrified of loss and knows that their changed relationship might lose her everything. At moments the hero seemed psychotic to me, really he was just so crazed about her, wanting her to give him everything at once instead of her doubts and fears.

Still the whole drama of it kept me engaged till the very end.