In the genre of The Shining, X-Men, The Sixth Sense, Matrix, The Fury,
Celestine Prophecy and the Robert Ludlum thrillers, comes Staretz Encounter,
a New Age trek through a paradigm-shifting world where telepathy and
telekinesis are more than arcane possibilities.

Rudy Styne, reporter for Modern Times wakes up one morning to a foreboding
dream which comes true later in the day. Having never had a psychic
experience before, the metropolitan decides to research the topic for an
article for his magazine. He interviews Egyptian superpsychic Abdullah Manu,
visits an avatar in Bhutan, and also uncovers a Eurasian plot to topple the
West by infiltrating the country with cybernetic soldiers, in part, so that
they can murder Western parapsychologists.

Rudy and his hip girlfriend, Chessie Barnsworth, meet up with amiable
neurophysicist, Dr. Imo Bern, at an international symposium on
psycho-tronics in Italy. To his dismay, the journalist discovers that the
young doctor is an associate of the notorious ex-KGB agent, Georgi Boshtov,
who he suspects is in charge of this grisly Eurasian crusade.

Rudy uncovers more details, and be-gins to suspect that Abdullah Manu
may be their ultimate target. In his attempts to alert the West, Rudy must
now contend with the great skepticism of the American establishment, as he
finds to his horror that he himself may become their next victim.