A few months ago Marit Meredith, editor and writer, called for submissions for a children’s stories book, in order to not only bring writers together and produce a good book, but also to raise money for the National Autistic Society.

The result is this collection of stories and poems from writers far and wide (India, Australia and Ontario, as well as Britain). The invitation on the back cover quite simply says: ‘Come in and read a story or two. Get cheered or get scared – it’s up to you!

Age range 8-12.
The cover was designed by the excellent illustrator Paul Townend.

Edited and produced by Marit Meredith

The writers:
Mandy K. James
Maureen Vincent-Northam
Rosa Johnson
Rebecca Emin
Ruchira Mandal
Mark O'Brien
Jonathan Pinnock
Marilyn Sylvester
Ben Sherman
Rachel Carter
Trevor Belshaw
Cynthia Schuerr
Christine Lesley Nedahl
Myra King
June Gundlack
Emma Kerry
Marit Meredith