I did start with the anime before reading this, but when I found out how different they are and saw how the second season did not really have a true ending, I had to start reading the manga from the beginning. I know a little more about Sekirei so I don't think the beginning is too confusing, but I do remember having a lot of questions when I originally started to watch. I do think it is weird how they are introducing parts of plot points and world building in the prologue that I didn't remember until later in the series, which might totally throw off new readers.

I can't really rate the drawing style or anything, but some of the panels portray the characters as more... chibi I guess is the word I want. It brings a lot of cute to the character Musubi. That being said, I also have to point out that the manga is RIDDLED with PANTIES and BREASTS so if that isn't for you, I wouldn't really recommend this. HOWEVER, I also know at least from the anime that Sekirei has a really interesting plot.

The cliff hanger at the end of this volume, provided the rest of the novel interested the reader, will definitely make them want to see more.