Scamp walked across the bridge. He didn’t understand where he was going, but he did it. There was an old black and white dog waiting. He assumed it must be waiting for him. There was no one else around. He felt alone and in need of a friend. He walked up to the stranger, but he did look familiar. He needed to introduce himself. He wanted to explain to someone.
You look friendly. Do you mind me talking to you? I’m new here. Were you waiting for me? Let me introduce myself, and tell you my short story. I’m Scamp, a Shih Tzu. I was born in Thailand and remember little of my early life.
The stranger just laid there, his head resting on his outstretched paws. He knew the newcomer needed to talk. There was time for everything. He remembered when he crossed the bridge.
Scamp sensed he should carry on.

Scamp recounts his short life to his new friend, and learns that he will be reunited. Old Scamp is a wise old dog.