Sometimes Three is Not a Crowd! Is bisexuality the new norm? Can their be blissful sex, not to mention actual romance, for three and not just for two? Of this sensational, timely new collection, the author says: "What could be better than two men and one woman?Maybe two women and one man?I have daydreamed about it. Haven't you?This collection contains a few new stories and some old ones from that deal with the wonderful topic of ménage.In "Emerald Green," we meet the sexy Naomi who dares Alex to fulfill his fantasy of being with a guy, going so far as to sweeten the deal with her own hot body.In "Madison's Cure," we have the traditional workaholic who often fantasizes about the woman he stays with.Can she think of a way to get him away from his work long enough to focus on something more interesting?In "Lashway's Lease," Lindsey desperately wants something from an on-again off-again fling who controls prime real estate, so she tries something unusual to get the apartment she wants! These six short stories were fun to write and arousing as well.I hope you enjoy reading about My Bisexual Fantasies."