Rabbits For Kids Amazing Animal Books For Young Readers

Table of Contents
What are rabbits?
What do rabbits eat?
Rabbits and their appearance
How do rabbits act?
Rabbits as pets
European Rabbits
Cottontail Rabbits
Volcano Rabbits
Pygmy Rabbits
Amami Rabbits
Australian Rabbits
Author Bio
Rabbits are adorable animals that many people keep as pets. They exist both in the wild and as pets in great numbers; in fact, rabbits are known for having babies, and lots of them. The reason there are so many rabbits is because they have so many babies, and with short gaps in between.
The rabbit has been shown as a trickster in many tales throughout the world; it’s also considered a symbol of life and fertility, particularly in the Christian tradition. Easter is a time of year that decorations of rabbits are put up, and the rabbit is celebrated. Along with foxes, they are one of the most popular animals for folk tales.
Rabbits have long been prey animals, meaning that they are hunted by bigger predators, such as wolves or foxes. They make up for their fragile build and health by pure numbers; a lot of rabbits may not make it, but because there are so many, it doesn’t make a difference. Most rabbits are not endangered.
If you want cute and cuddly, rabbits are almost the cutest pet around. They also love being petted, like a lot of domestic (tamed) animals. Rabbits make great pets.