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OUTWARD BORNE is one of the more high-tech, or true-to-science space sagas.While some observe many of the laws of physics, OUTWARD BORNE bows to chemistry, biology, economic, as well as physical constraints.Rather than conclude that a ‘manned’ interstellar mission of alien abduction is impossibly improbable, Outward examines what must exist in order for such a mission to succeed.Difficult questions are encountered, and their resolution often defies common belief.

How would you feed an alien if you had one?
What Inter-alien afflictions might occur?
Why is Earth the last place an alien would want to set ‘foot’?
How can a millennium-long ‘manned’ space mission be maintained?

In OUTWARD BORNE, a distant alien world embarks on the galaxy's first interstellar voyage - A millennia-long mission to discover and study intelligent beings, and to learn why so few technologically advanced civilizations survive.Earth - An alien abduction occurs from a place and time lost to history.People and their dogs are taken.Their descendants survive for centuries within the Outward Voyager where they overcome a mission-threatening assault to gain the respect of their ObLaDa captors.A body-dissolving plague that has leapt the boundaries of evolution comes within moments of eliminating all life on the Outward Voyager.Shocked by their mortality, the ObLaDas vow to preserve the few advanced species they possess.A small number of reluctant humans were prepared for their return to Earth.Unknown even to himself, one of the Voyagers has been given a powerful, but dangerous gift.