This is a sequence of poems and stories chronicling the lives and, ultimately, the deaths of the author's beloved mother and father.

These are poems of love, grace, fear, remembering, and devastating sudden loss. Through them the reader is taken on a journey and comes to know who this mother and father were, where they came from, and the riches they gave to their children.

Details take center stage here; the way her mother's hair rises off her forehead, her father's soulful hands atop hospital bed covers, the salt sting of tears on a young girl's face. Of hot fudge sundaes, the pebbly unforgiving surface of diving boards, and the smell of Chantilly that lingers in a closet. Of thick patent leather belts, the rhythmic click of her father's oxygen machine, and her heartbreaking walk through the family home after it is sold.

Each of these poems and essays is complemented by an evocative image chosen from among the works of five award winning photographers.