REA’s NJ ASK8 Language Arts Literacy test prep helps you sharpen your skills and pass the exam!

Fully aligned with the core curriculum standards of the NJ Department of Education, our popular test prep provides the up-to-date instruction and practice that eighth grade students need to improve their Language Arts skills and pass this important high-stakes exam.

The comprehensive review features student-friendly, easy-to-follow lessons and examples that reinforce the key concepts tested on the NJ ASK8, including:

* Reading
* Recognizing Themes
* Following Directions
* Drawing Conclusions
* Writing
* Writing to Speculate
* Writing to Analyze/Explain
* Writing to Persuade

Focused lessons explain reading and writing concepts in a language suitable for the eighth grade level, while reading passages, drills, and examples strengthen student abilities. Color icons in each chapter highlight important questions and study tips.

The book includes a full-length pretest and a full-length practice test based on official exam questions. Each test comes complete with detailed explanations of answers, allowing you to focus on areas in need of further study. A special supplementary section on the additional Language Arts skills of speaking, listening, and viewing is provided.

Whether used in a classroom, at home for self-study, or as a textbook supplement, teachers, parents, and students will consider this book a “must-have” prep for the NJ ASK 8 Language Arts Literacy exam.