"Savvy"—n. Practical know-how.Maya, the premier high-end 3D application, is so powerful that no one masters it without help. "Maya 5 Savvy"—a thorough update to Maya 4.5 Savvy—is written for the Maya user looking to boost their skills to the next level.

Running throughout this book is a completely new, cohesive, expertly organized animation project that teaches specific Maya skills and, at the same time, gives you valuable hands-on exposure to the entire animation production process. Staged support files mean that you can begin and end work on this project anywhere you like—which in turn means you can read this book cover to cover or use it as a reference, dipping in wherever you need information on or practice with specific modeling, animation, and rendering techniques. Everywhere you turn, you'll find expert advice on the latest Maya features, time-saving shortcuts, and advanced capabilities.

Coverage includes: Core Maya: interface briefing, plus planning, writing, and storyboarding your animation.Modeling: NURBS, polygons and subdivision surfaces, character modeling.Animation: paths and bones, deformers, binding, Trax, rigid body dynamics, MEL scripting, particle animation, expression-driven animation.Output: rendering architecture, rendering, shading and texturing, lighting, special light effects.Advanced Tools and Techniques: Paint Effects, ramps and volumes, soft body dynamics, Fluid Effects, Fur, Cloth.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.