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Maggie's Solstice by Sophie Angmering

If you enjoyed When Tatum Got Bit by the Spider by Stephani Hecht, or The Alpha's Pet by Shannon West, then this book might just be for you! Make this one of your top romance novels of the year!

Practical, geeky, control freak Maggie Short is about to have her life turned upside down…

Maggie Short is a senior project manager in her ex-fiancée’s company 'Outland Electronics'. Maybe Maggie should not have stayed with the company when Paul Outland married her once best friend, maybe Maggie should not have spent every moment of every day pouring her heart and soul into making the company a success.

Whatever she should have done, Maggie is now faced with the prospect of Paul selling half of all she has worked so hard to establish, to charismatic businessman Jack Greenfellow.

A man who is full of surprises…
Sophie Angmering

About the Author:
I’m British and live by the sea just outside Brighton in West Sussex. I’ve been lucky enough to have a huge range of occupations ranging from being a top European IT consultant through to mother of three. My jobs in the past have invariably involved a lot of travel and thinking up long involved plots, along with feisty heroines and controlling heroes, has always been a favourite way of mine to make time pass when I have been sitting at the wheel of a car or on a train.