Fortunately for William Penwarren, renowned explorer and botanist, Abby Waterston and her two cousins are traveling with him from Africa to England because when the usually stalwart young man collapses from fever, Abby is there to take charge and save his life. Thus begins an adventure that includes a stern duke and an abandoned marquis, false pretenses and serious misunderstandings, an unwelcome proposal, a runaway boy, and the adoring attentions of one mind-reading dog named Jack.

In some respects, William and Abby are different as night and day but both are explorers in their own way and eager to see the world. William is quiet and intense, Abby anything but. Two parts that fit together perfectly, those two — once they realize that the journey is more important than the final destination.

Enter the Victorian world of The Penwarrens and plan to stay a while. Three light-hearted romances ~
Claire, After All * Listening to Abby * Jubilee Rose