3.5 stars. P.C. Cast is a bit of an odd duck. Gihugic? Really? I mean, I was down for the use of ginormous (because duh...that word is perfectly usable), but there has to be a stopping point somewhere!

At least there wasn't raging, explosive diarrhea in this book. Oh wait...
She should be sore and tired and probably battling a raging urinary tract infection from too much sex.


All kidding aside, I found Goddess of Light to be a fun little escape. I'm still surprised at how much less frustrating these books are from her House of Night series. There's still a small dose of silly behavior, but the dial is turned down quite a bit. I, personally, wasn't sure what Apollo saw in Pamela (she reminded me vaguely of some of my least favorite Kristen Ashley female characters) because from what I recall, most of their conversations revolved around her job and her love of fashion.

So I'll just focus on Apollo. I kind of missed all of his badassery from the prior book. He was less of a presence here. However, he was still entirely "male lead" material. So there we go. Me likey just fine.

As a romance/slash/sexually charged book, Goddess fit the bill for the mood I was in. Of the two books I've read in this series (I skipped number 1), both worked as entertaining late-night reads. This is the perfect kind of escape when you just want to get in to the story without having to work for it.

There's something about the notion of being with a god and possibly having a future as a goddess which makes for good brain candy. It's not a horrible fantasy to have, right?
"Perhaps I should bring her a gift..."
His words floated through the chamber as his body wavered and then disappeared.
"I think the heart of the God of Light will be gift enough," Lina said, sighing heavily.
Hades shrugged one shoulder. "Jewelry never hurts."

Up until the end, I enjoyed most every moment.

NOW, that's not to say that the end was bad. Most readers will find the end completely endearing. This would have been an ending that I enjoyed in a literary fiction or magical realism book.

It WAS a good ending. And since we all know that romance books have happy endings, there's no spoiler in saying that the ending was happy (okay, there were no hand jobs...not that kind of happy ending).

BUT, I wanted a different ending. Did this same type of resolution actually happen with Apollo in the old myths/legends? Did Apollo even ever have a girl? Because I was unsure why (view spoiler)