This marvelous book takes us on an expedition in search of theworld's largest, often most dangerous animals. Packed with colorphotos taken during the filming of the television series, Giants is avivid record of some of the most awe-inspiring creatures in the world.In six chapters, the book looks at snakes, sharks, bears, lizards,birds, and tarantulas. We are introduced to such formidable creaturesas the whale shark, more than 40 feet from head to tail; the SouthAmerican anaconda, 20 feet long, 3 feet wide, and weighing in at 500pounds (sheep, pigs, even crocodiles are all vulnerable to attack);and the Goliath tarantula: hairy and venomous, it embodies all that isterrifying about spiders. A leading wildlife television producer, NigelMarven most recently produced a segment of David Attenborough'swidely hailed series, "Life of Birds."