I love Jef Mallett's Frazz books, with their gentle and astute observations of kids and schools - and some of the adults that live there as well.This book is a sort of prequel to those books - in the same vein, but more centered on one kid.Many of the ideas in the book seem to be directly parallel to adventures you might expect of Calvin and Hobbes, only without Hobbes.It is almost as if Mallett were exploring the possibility of doing something similar to Watterson's work and then hit upon his janitor in the school angle.

I started to write, "I would love it if Mallett did a similar book for Caulfield." But then I decided to check to see if he did - and evidently he has.It is only available on Kindle, though, and it isn't new material, just a compilation of all of the Caulfield-related cartoons.Still, I did buy it.Now if I could just get it to download.5 or 6 tries and still it isn't working.Sigh.