In December of 2006, Patrick Doyle arrived in Haiti to take up duties as a Close Protection Operative for a company based in the capital city, Port au Prince. At the time, Haiti had become known as the kidnap capital of the world, with over 8,000 United Nations peacekeeping troops deployed across the region. Patrick found himself working alongside former soldiers of the British Army, The Irish Defence Forces and the elite members of The French Foreign Legion. What was only supposed to be a three month tour protecting high level executives, developed into something far greater than the young Irishman could possibly have imagined. Broken Ground is a story covering more than three years of an ex-soldier's time spent in the poorest country of the Western hemisphere. From shootings, murders, catastrophic hurricanes and a devastating earthquake that claimed the lives of more than 250,000 people in a single day, the young writer delivers an unbiased and explosive first-hand account of life on the streets of the troubled Caribbean nation. Written out of loyalty, love, laughter and loss, Broken Ground is the first book of its kind on Haiti.