Scared? You will be! Feel your nerves jangle and chills run up and down your spine thanks to the hair-raising genius of Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, E. F. Benson, H. P. Lovecraft, Fritz Leiber, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Stephen Crane, Charles Dickens, Robert Barr, and many others who know well how to manipulate a reader's emotions. From Washington Irving comes "The Adventure of My Grandfather" and from Saki, "The Cobweb." Bill Pronzini plays a horrifying game of "Peekaboo," while Frances Garfield portrays "The House at Evening" to alarming effect. This unique and very special collection is like a carnival ride of terror that you'll want to go on again and again.

Adventure of my grandfather / Washington Irving
Adventure of my aunt / Washington Irving
Adventure of the German studen / Washington Irving
Ants / Chet Williamson
Assembly of the dead / Chet Williamson
At the bureau / Steve Rasnic Tem
Babylon : 70 M. / Donald A. Wollheim
Berenice / Edgar Allan Poe
Beyond the wall / Ambrose Bierce
Boarded window / Ambrose Bierce
Boxes / Al Sarrantonio
Candidate / Henry Slesar
Cemetery dance / Richard T. Chizmar
Certificate / Avram Davidson
Cheapskate / Gary Raisor
China bowl / E. F. Benson
Cobweb / Saki
Come to the party / Frances Garfield
A curious dream / Mark Twain
Dark wings / Phyllis Eisenstein
Dead call / William F. Nolan
Different kinds of dead / Ed Gorman
Displaced person / Eric Frank Russell
Disintegration of Alan / Melissa Mia Hall
Down by the sea near the great big rock / Joe R. Lansdale
Dragon Sunday / Ruth Berman
Duck hunt / Joe R. Lansdale
Dust / Al Sarrantonio
Evil clergyman / H. P. Lovecraft
Examination day / Henry Slesar
Faceless thing / Edward D. Hoch
Facts in the case of M. Valdemar / Edgar Allan Poe
Feeding time / James Gunn
Feeding time / Robert Sheckley
Final quest / William F. Nolan
Fish night / Joe R. Lansdale
Four-fingered hand / Barry Pain
A ghost story / Mark Twain
Give her hell / Donald A. Wollheim
Giveaway / Steve Rasnic Tem
Glove / Fritz Leiber
Grab / Richard Laymon
Haunted mill or the ruined home / Jerome K. Jerome
He kilt it with a stick / William F. Nolan
Heading home / Ramsey Campbell
Hollow of the three hills / Nathaniel Hawthorne
Hollow man / Norman Partridge
Holly, don't tell / Juleen Brantingham
Hound / H. P. Lovecraft
Hour and the man / Robert Barr
House at evening / Frances Garfield
Idea / Barry N. Malzberg
Identity crisis / Thomas F. Monteleone
In the Corn [as by Al Sarrantonio] · Robert Fox ·
An Incident on Route 12 · James H. Schmitz
Interview · Frank A. Javor ·
The Jam · Henry Slesar ·
The Kirk Spook · E. G. Swain ·
Making Friends · Gary Raisor ·
The Marble Hands · Bernard Capes ·
Mariana · Fritz Leiber ·
Masque · Ed Gorman ·
The Middle Toe of the Right Foot · Ambrose Bierce ·
Moving Night · Nancy Holder ·
Naples · Avram Davidson ·
Night Visions · Jack Dann ·
Night Deposits · Chet Williamson ·
Nightshapes · Barry N. Malzberg ·
No. 1 Branch Line: The Signalman [“The Signalman”] · Charles Dickens ·
The Old Black Hat · Gary Raisor ·
Out of the Storm · William Hope Hodgson ·
Out of Africa · David Drake ·
The Oval Portrait · Edgar Allan Poe ·
Party Time · Mort Castle ·
The Passenger · E. F. Benson ·
Peekaboo · Bill Pronzini ·
The Pitch · Dennis Etchison ·
The Poor · Steve Rasnic Tem ·
The Rag Thing [as by David Grinnell] · Donald A. Wollheim ·
Rendezvous [as by Edward Gorman] · Daniel Ransom ·
The Same Old Grind · Bill Pronzini ·
The Skeleton · Jerome K. Jerome ·
Something There Is · Charles L. Grant ·
Spring-Fingered Jack · Susan Casper ·
Sredni Vashtar · Saki ·
The Statement of Randolph Carter [Randolph Carter] · H. P. Lovecraft ·
The Story of Muhammad Din · Rudyard Kipling ·
The Thing in the Forest · Bernard Capes
Threshold · Sharon Webb ·
Today’s Special · Dennis Etchison ·
Topsy · F. Paul Wilson ·
Toy · Bill Pronzini ·
Transfer · Barry N. Malzberg ·
Treats · Norman Partridge ·
Under My Bed · Al Sarrantonio ·
Up Under the Roof · Manly Wade Wellman ·
The Upturned Face · Stephen Crane ·
We Have Always Lived in the Forest · Nancy Holder ·
Where Did She Wander? [John] · Manly Wade Wellman ·
Witness · Avram Davidson ·